Flow Meter Highlights-Flow can be measured with a variety of technologies.  Devices will be added as I find unique capabilities.

This summary provides an overview of flow measurement devices and notes special features that help with special applications.  All features and capabilities are based on manufacturer’s technical information and my experience.  Proper product selection, installation and commissioning is required to realize the potential performance benefits of any control device.
Coriolis Mass Flow Meters 

Mag Meters
Zero Straight Run Meters 
Non-wetted Sensors FE1.1
Keyence Non-Wetted Electrode FD-M Series
Electrodes not wetted-corrosion resistance and stray voltage isolation?
Literature only claims to work with water and non-corrosive liquids
Small diameters up to about 26gpm
Hoped for compatibility with pickling/plating fluids-will keep looking
Battery Operated

Level Systems with Flumes, Weirs and other flow structures 
Ultrasonic (velocity) Sensors 
Area Velocity and other partially full pipe Sensors

 This is neither rigorous nor intended to guide vendor selection.  Please notify me of any concerns by sending an email to johngraceconsulting@gmail.com.  Emails without valid return addresses will not be read.